Florida Keys Phone Book
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The Florida Keys are considered to be one of the most diverse fisheries in the world. Anglers from every walk of life converge on this chain of islands to experience the ultimate thrill and excitement that each area has to offer. Paradise!
Gliding along in silky calm water watching for the tell tale signs of a shallow water predator cleanses the soul with anticipation followed by the addictive rush of adrenalin. Silky calm water, crystal clear and motionless instantly provoked into a froth of tail exhaust released from the unsuspecting gamefish. Unable to recreate that moment any other way is why people return time after time to thrill themselves into relaxation. From Florida Bay to the oceanside flats, there are miles of pristine areas waiting to be explored. Amazing!
REEL! REEL! REEL!!! The chant of the reef. We can't seem to break away from the pure excitement this coastal "wonderland" offers. This is the one...The only living reef in the United States mainland. Some of the most exotic fish in the world are right here and willing to make a contender out of anyone. The variety offered is vast and full of "wonder". All the colors of the spectrum come through in every different category of fish. You never know what will make an appearance next..... Ahhhhh.. You can breathe now.
Here in the Florida Keys we have been graced with the presence of a magical water highway called the Gulf Stream. Used by all the great sportfish to feed and mingle, the opportunities are rich. During the year, this "Super Highway" has a changing population that includes Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Tuna, Sailfish and of course the all too unpredictable Marlin family. At any time around the "Stream", something amazing and unforgettable can happen. A great place to become "Humble".
Welcome to our wonderful islands. Enjoy!
Written by Captain Scott Hopp